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😈 #tbt
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We were raised by lions 
We hunt and eat our share
Tomorrow is never certain 
So we hunt just to stay alive
We are lions. 
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Thank you to all of the beautiful people who’ve been there for me in the past couple of years 🌚🌝 I love you guys xx
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Novembre VIII
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Vlada. Sydney.
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♡ Using Plants For Healing, 1963 ♡
book of my grandmas she let me have :)
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Nikolai Tsiskaridze trained by Galina Ulanova. Photo by Mikhail Logvinov.
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Always sitting with me while I practice 💙
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Daria Werbowy in “Body Conscience” / Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot / Styled by Katie Grand, for Love Magazine #3 Spring/Summer 2010
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Charles H. Traub. Italy, 1980
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f a s h i o n  &  a r t
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